Hunter IV

Hunter IV

Hunter IV (oil on canvas 91 x 60cm)

This is the fourth piece in the ‘Hunter’ series, examining traditional views of masculinity. In a slight departure from the other pieces in the series, the use of grand warrior adornments has been kept to a relative minimum. Instead the focus is on the subject’s extremely aggressive expression and body language, bathed in dominating shadow, and the fluorescent war paint contrasting with this darkness.

Through the use of the lurid war paint and the sword, we can see that this individual is presented as a warrior to be feared, but this is betrayed as we are lead around the piece. While the designs of the war paint start with chevron scars and similar banding, they soon morph into the child-like and cute bunny rabbit designs.

In a fashion similar to the other pieces in the ‘Hunter’ series, the very adornments that bring up traditional notions of masculinity have been worked to have precisely the opposite effect, revealing these notions as perhaps superficial and even themselves childish.

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