Titan (N)

Titan (oil on canvas 91 x 60 cm)


Titan is one of the very earliest of the animals that I used in exploring cultural archetypes, in this case, exploring the ‘trickster’.

While he does not look especially mischievous as compared to other cultural tricksters such as Loki in Norse Mythology or Aite in Greek Mythology, the ‘trickster’ quality with Titan is rooted simply in how he has been presented to the viewer.

Titan is presented as another human would be and because he is face to face with the viewer, a connection can be made with him through the eyes and his expression. Even the position Titan has been given is reminiscent of how a human might be presented in a portrait, in an upright position and with one hand (or paw) across himself as if to suggest absent fidgeting of a human subject in thought.

In this way Titan is a trickster as he is trying to be human, mugging the way which humanity tends to strive to be more than mortal.