Century 21

Century 21

Century 21 (Oil on Canvas 122 x 92cm)

The premise behind this piece is an examination of the role that excesses in wealth and technology play as symbols of power.

Everything in this piece suggests power, wealth and even divinity. This latter point in particular is communicated though the papal/ saintly hand position and halo common in Christian art, and the presence of extra limbs, a feature of divinity in a number of Asian religions.

This is compounded by overly extravagant gold apparel and the extraneous (and ultimately pointless) nature of the hi-tech prosthetic limbs. Even the inlaid Japanese text on the harness reads ‘Titan’ as if to labour the point of the adornments.

Dripping with gold and technology and hidden behind a grimacing warrior’s mask, the figure looks imposing initially. On closer examination however, it is worth noticing the subject himself looks pale and physically unimpressive.

In this way the over-reliance on wealth and possession of technology common in many cultures can be seen as a fundamentally flawed pursuit, serving only as a distraction from whatever may lie beneath it all.